3M Industrial Cleaner Range:

We have industrial cleaning supplies which mainly deal with the removal of contamination from various material surfaces* including stainless steel cleaning products.

Industrial cleaning products are citrus based and dissolve grease, dirt, heavy oils and any non-curing adhesives.

Stainless steel cleaner also has a citrus base combined with other substances which enable the polishing & restoration of a sheen finish, and to some other metal surfaces as well. Assists the disguising of blemishes and enhances resistance to fingerprints, streaking etc. Ideal for food preparation areas.

Although 3M™ VHB™ cleaner is the best to use when preparing metals to accept VHB tapes, the isopropanol / water mix helps when other forms of sticking, bonding or priming are intended.

3M 500ml Industrial Cleaner


£22.74 Ex Tax: £18.95

Very effective citrus cleaner spray & degreaser designed to dissolve oil, tar, grease and remove dirt. Contains no chlorinated or petroleum based solvents.  ..

VHB Surface Cleaner 1 Litre


£10.42 Ex Tax: £8.68

A multi-surface cleaner primarily for use prior to using the 3M™ VHB™ range of tapes. Due to its make-up, it's particularly good on many surface types such as metals, plastics, pai..

VHB Surface Cleaner Sachets (100 per box)


£25.90 Ex Tax: £21.58

Industrial Surface Cleaner* sachets are impregnated with premixed isopropanol & water. A convenient product to have by the workbench ready for cleaning / degreasing materials p..

VHB Tape Roller


£51.97 Ex Tax: £43.31

Once VHB tape is bonded to its final position on the substrate, the 3M roller helps to even out the tape increasing the pressure and surface contact.       ..