1040 18" x 50ft 3M Cushionmount Tape

  • Brand: 3M
  • Product Code: 10013369
  • Availability: 7 - 10 Days
  • Price (Exc VAT) £337.22

  • Individual Price: £337.22
  • Pack Size: 1 Roll

3M Cushion Mount Plus polyethylene foam 'standard' has acrylic differential adhesives on each side. Ideal for flexo process controlling the balance between solids and half-tones equally on the printing plate. Mount on the cylinder first.
Colour: White. Tape Thickness: 1.02mm (40 thou). Require another size? Don't forget FineCal can slit master rolls to the width you need.

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Packaging (ER) Compliant N/A
REACh Compliant
RoHS Compliant

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