Respiratory Protection:

FineCal is aware of the importance of wearing suitable face and head masks to ensure your total safety. That's why we work closely with 3M and offer their latest respiratory mask innovations to bring you products that fully protect your airways. Comfort is also important and is one of the key factors in encouraging staff to wear respirators willingly.

Important: If you have staff who wear tight fitting respirator masks (those that rely on a seal with the face) you are required to fit test them. We can arrange for actual Fit Tests to be conducted or training in competence testing for staff to be carried out - both a requirement under HSE.

We have access to an excellent range of leading products covering from basic disposables to valve masks, reusable masks, half face masks, full face masks as well as powered air respirators too. In addition, relating filters are also available plus accessories.

Key markets: Aerospace, Chemical, Construction (inc Asbestos removal services), Engineering, Paint / Spray shops.

Disposable Face Mask Respirator


Disposable fold-flat respirators to protect from exposure to airborne particles. Other intended uses are it reduces the wearer's exposure to particles including small particle aero..

Moldex 6800 Waveband 2K Banded Earplugs 27 dB



The WaveBand 2K banded earplugs are anatomically designed banded earplugs that are worn under the chin to allow freedom of movement without contact sounds.Dual material design with..

Moldex 7060 Mounting Bracket for Moldex Stations



The Moldex 7060 is the mounting bracket for the 7750 Pura-Fit ear plugs, available in 500 pairs.The MoldexStation is a hygienic dispensing system. The dispenser mechanism is automa..

Moldex 9300 Gas Filter A1B1E1



The EasyLock Moldex filter is a gas filter, A1B1E1 and protects against gas, vapour and dust. The gas filter fits Moldex 7000 series half face masks and 9000 series full face respi..