Social Distancing:

Our new range of social distancing products, including single-sided and double-sided tapes, industrial social distancing kits and graphics.

48mm x 33m Social Distancing Tape - Please Keep a Safe Distance | 6 Rolls


This single-sided self-adhesive tape is printed with 'please keep a safe distance'. The perfect way to promote social distancing in the workplace and ensuring customers and employe..

48mm x 33m Social Distancing Tape | 6 Rolls



This single sided self adhesive tape is printed with 'please keep a safe distance of 2 metres'. The perfect way to promote social distancing in the workplace and ensuring customers..

Disposable Face Mask Respirator


Disposable fold-flat respirators to protect from exposure to airborne particles. Other intended uses are it reduces the wearer's exposure to particles including small particle aero..

Hand Sanitiser Gel 70% Alcohol 400ml Bottle


Practise good hygiene in the workplace by regularly washing your hands with hand sanitiser. Keep this large 400ml sanitiser gel near your desk or workstation ready for when yo..

Industrial Social Distancing Kit



Ready-made industrial social distancing kits include 11 different signs and 2 different tapes, 46 label signs and 9 rolls of tape altogether. The kits are designed for use in premi..

LMT Red 50mm x 33M PVC Floor Marking Tape



Competitive coloured PVC tapes for floor marking. Easier to put down than conventional spray paint / masking process and having to wait to dry. Has a high gloss finish and can be r..

Red/White 70mm x 500m Non Adh Barrier Marking Tape



Non-adhesive alternative to adhesive versions. Ties around anything or use as anchor points to cordon off restricted areas from trespass, construction work, street scaffolding supp..

5702 3M™ Safety Stripe Tape, Black/Yellow, 51 mm x 33 m



3M™ Safety Stripe Tape 5702 is ideal for marking lanes, hazardous areas, protruding equipment, and low hanging objects in factories, warehouses, and hospitals. We use vivid, hig..