Battery Powered Strapping Tools

Battery Powered Strapping Tools are designed for light duty strapping applications. Designed in collaboration with some of the most demanding manufacturing plants across Europe, ensuring that the strapping hand tools consistently offer industry-leading performance.

It is simple to package sensitive products as a single strap tension speed is controlled through finger pressure so it is easy to position load protection.

The lightweight features of the battery powered strapping machines include making it the perfect balance to use in all applications, including horizontally or vertically, without any operator fatigue issues.

The advanced friction weld sealing technology guarantees reliable joint and high seal efficiency for both PP and PET strapping.

Benefits of the Battery Powered Strapping Tools include:

  • strap alignment indicator
  • lightweight, ergonomic protective design with new battery cover to increase longevity
  • fewer wear parts makes it economical to maintain
  • lock feature to ensure consistent results

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