Void Fill Packaging Machine

As more companies are becoming eco friendly and purchasing eco packaging, we are always expanding our range to ensure our customers can reduce their carbon footprint whilst saving on costs and protecting their products.

The Packmaster Pro is the most advanced void-fill packaging system we supply, offering outstanding performance, unrivalled flexibility and high levels of efficiency.

The Packmaster Pro offers multiple packaging options through its clever technology, delivering a range of lightweight offering robust paper cushions that can be easily moulded around any product.

Benefits of the Packmaster Pro:

  • converts rolls of multiple grade 100% recycled single or twin-ply paper
  • offers up to 11% more volume yield
  • rigid protection for lightweight or heavy goods
  • converts paper up to 80 times its original volume
  • packs all goods – from lightweight to heavy
  • low running costs
  • easily fits into any packing area

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