Heat Sealing Machine

FineCal’s range of heat sealing machines include the Pacplus Impulse Heat Sealers which seals layflat tubing with ease, and Heat Shrink Chambers for powerful, high-capacity heat sealing with very low energy consumption.

Impulse Heat Sealers

Semi-automatic impulse heat sealers are sturdily constructed and designed for high-speed reliable operations. The digital temperature and time control allows precise adjustment which gives more flexible regulation of seal quality and minimises energy consumption.

Features of the Impulse Heat Sealing Machines:

  • with or without integral cutter
  • seals up to 2 x 150mu (600g) film
  • usage guide – 100+ seals per shift
  • all models are supplied pre-tested and with a free spare parts kit

The Impulse Heat Sealers sizes range from 200mm to 500mm with or without a cutter. The electric foot pedal actuation provides a high-speed, reliable cycle actuation leaving both hands free to position product.

We also supply spare part kits for the Impulse Heat Sealers that include blades, upper teflons, lower teflons and more. Not only do we supply spare kits we also provide a variety of layflat tubing to be used with the heat sealing machines.

Heat Shrink Chambers

Features of Heat Shrink Chambers include:

  • seal and shrink in one operation
  • very low energy consumption
  • advanced electronic controls
  • powerful high-capacity model
  • some models have separate sealer and shrink tunnel for faster throughput

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