Pallet Stretch Wrappers

There are a large range of pallet stretch wrappers, from soft wrapping (core break) to power pre stretch machines. Also available is a robotic stretch wrapper that does not rely on the traditional turntable to wrap a pallet. Each machine has its own benefits and the type you choice ultimately depends on your specific requirement. FineCal can offer a solution for every scenario.

Soft Wrapping (core break) is an automated system used to apply stretch film to a square sided pallet load. As the film tension remains constant as it emerges from the system, applied tension will be higher at the corners of the load due to it being near the dispensing head.

Power Pre-Stretch – by applying tension to stretch film between leaving the roll and being applied to the pallet, it can extend in length by up to four times, meaning a 75% eduction of film is used. As the film is under tension before it is applied as it contracts it holds the palletised load more securely.

Some of the major benefits of machine wrapping include:

  • consistent wrapping application
  • less operator fatigue
  • secure load for every pallet
  • no maximum pallet weight, width or depth
  • minimal clearance required around pallet
  • choice of automated or manual modes

Types of Pallet Stretch Wrappers we supply:

  • robot pallet stretch wrapper
  • semi-automatic Soft Wrap Core Break
  • semi-automatic powered pre-stretch
  • semi-automatic powered pre-stretch with integrated digital weighing scales

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