Dispensers & Machinery:

From tape dispensers used in hand tape box assembly to tape machinery to take away the repetitive strain and reduce manual handling - you have much to choose from. What we supply is designed to be used with many consumable packing tapes. Tape machinery on the other hand (either manual or automatic) is confined to the popular 3M case sealer models due to their versatility and proven track record - Key markets: All industries where packing / repacking is carried out.

B2 (PD327) 25mm Dual Core Bench Tape Dispenser



Well designed bench / desk dispenser for all those jobs from occasional to general use where parcel tape is used for mailing, shipping or wrapping. We supply a Heavy Duty version w..

BD50 (PD341) 50mm Bench Tape Dispenser



A free standing tape dispenser that can be fixed down via screw holes to work benches. Replacement blades available. Tape Width: 50mm (max) or 2 x 25mm fitted alongside. Tape Core..

BN25 12mm Metal Bag Neck sealing Tape Dispenser



A wide neck bag dispenser with a wider throat to facilitate thicker polybags. Tape Width: 12-16mm. Tape Core: 76mm. Takes 132m length rolls..

BTD25 25mm Heavy Duty Bench Tape Dispenser



Well designed bench / desk dispenser for all those jobs where parcel tape is needed for mailing, shipping or wrapping. Tape Width: 25mm (max). Tape Core: 76mm...

H-12 25mm Plastic 3M Filament Tape Dispenser



A hand brake in the dispenser core allows the operator to adjust the tension during box sealing or bundling. Constructed in a high-impact and durable plastic, should provide years ..

H-122 50mm Plastic 3M Tape Dispenser



A compact 'Fingers-through' tape dispenser featuring a brake device enables tension control and a tighter seal. Made from high-impact plastic, it's durable and long lasting. Replac..

H-150 50mm 3M Low Noise Hand Tape Dispenser



A sturdy hand dispenser with the added benfit of reducing "tape noise" during tape application. Max Tape size: 50mm x 66m.  ..

HMB-50 (PD332) 50mm Heavy Duty Metal Bench Tape Dispenser



All metal construction makes this ideal for the warehouse and constant use. Use with Polypropylene or Vinyl packaging tapes. Use with tape width: 50mm. Core size: 76mm.  ..

HPG50B 50mm Heavy Duty Hand Tape Dispenser



A Quality & ulitmate HD carton tape dispenser. It's made to withstand continued use in busy high-production environments. Simple to load and control the tape release to increas..

HPG75B 75mm Heavy Duty Hand Tape Dispenser



Premium Heavy Duty Pistol Grip dispenser with its own adjustable brake. Gives extra control on tapes that have easy release properties slowing down the unwind permitting extra tens..

PD326 25mm Dual Core Economy Desk Tape Dispenser



Ideal desktop dispenser made to suit dual core tape sizes. Tape widths:12 or 25mm (max). Tape Core: 25 or 76mm.  ..

PD330 25mm Manual Preset Length Tape Dispenser



Simple yet effective dispenser providing pre-determined lengths of tape in one simple stroke. Lengths can be pre-adjusted to increase efficiency with same size packa..