Our range of work gloves are designed to suit different tasks, including some in more challenging environments. Our gloves have differing levels of protection and grip and as such suit particular industries. All of our safety gloves whether they be nitrile, Kevlar or latex to name a few, are comfortable with ease of movement.

We will be working closely with an innovative manufacturer which enables us to offer premium, quality workwear at very competitive rates.

What are the benefits of using protective gloves?

  • Adherence to PPE regulations
  • Superior grip for higher efficiency 
  • Protects from cuts, heat and abrasions
  • Lightweight, comfortable and flexible

workwear PAWA PG101 Nitrile Work Gloves



These PAWA PG101 work gloves allow tasks to be carried out with a high level of ability, even in challenging environments. 15 gauge Nylon/Spandex liner with durable Nitri..

Workwear PAWA PG330 Cut Resistant Work Gloves



These PAWA PG330 work gloves are lightweight but protect against abrasion and are perfect for handling sharp objects.18 gauge Nylon/Spandex liner with durable Nitrile coa..

Workwear PAWA PG520 Kevlar Work Gloves



These PAWA PG520 work gloves offer enhanced protection against cuts, abrasions and heat in demanding environments. 10g Kevlar lining with latex crinkle palm coatingHigh g..