Hybrid Sealants:

Hybrid Sealants are a step up from polyurethane sealants with some advantages especially in combating UV / sunlight. The chemistry offers excellent resistance to the foam and bubble effects found in other types and brands. It therefore enables successful solutions to more exacting jobs and demands.

Our selection helps especially in the Health & Safety aspect: that is why we have settled upon the 3M range of sealants due to these being free of Isocyanates.

Hybrid Adhesive Sealant products are one component formulations. They are robust in performance levels and permanent, yet still offering flexibility - key to counteracting natural movements within substrate materials. Therefore these sealants are ideal for various on or off-site, factory or just about anywhere situations.

Generally, Hybrid technology is suitable many surfaces including unprimed metals - aluminium, lead, steel or stainless steel, zinc, lead or copper, composites, wood, glass, plastics - PU or polystyrene plus concrete, mortar and plaster materials. In addition you'll get:

  • Paintable when wet for fast process time
  • Fast skin times for a tack free surfaces
  • Excellent aesthetics particularly on visible edges.

Read more about hybrid sealants - check it out here. For information on the other products we sell, take a look at our full range of adhesives.

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