The Comprehensive Guide To: Masking Tapes


At FineCal we offer a range of masking tapes that can be applied in both industrial and commercial use. Through this guide we hope to provide you, as the customer, with all the knowledge you may need to help in your decision making process to ensure you get the right masking tape for your needs. It is important that you know what you are buying and it is important that we tell you! Read on to learn all about the masking tapes we offer, including 3M and Tesa!

What makes masking tape different from other tapes?

Masking tape is a single sided type of pressure sensitive and easy to tear paper tape, it is an adaptable and versatile tape which is easy to reposition and unwind, as well as being water and heat resistant. Masking tape has an adhesive that can be easily removed, leaving minimal marks when removed. It has a thin backing that can easily conform to uneven surfaces and shapes. Masking tape is unlike other tapes that offer a more permanent bond and is therefore perfect for temporary use and ensuring no marks are left on removal. 

Surfaces that stick best

Masking tape can stick to a large range of surfaces for a given amount of time without leaving a mark when removed. Masking tape can stick to metals, plastics, fabric, walls, brick, wood and so on. It is best to ensure the surface is cleaned before sticking the masking tape to ensure a better adhesion.

Examples of applications:

  • Labels
  • Painting and decorating 
  • Marking off areas
  • Protecting areas
  • Holding things in place

Guide to Masking Tapes

FineCal supply many different types of masking tape, for many different commercial and industrial purposes. Our guide below will help find the right masking tape for you. 

General Purpose Masking Tape

A multi-purpose easy-to-unwind masking tape designed for short term paint masking and other hand uses. Hand tears easily and highly conformable, it provides simple adhesion and assists combating paint flaking, ideal for writing on. We also supply an eco-friendly alternative.

High Temperature Masking Tape

A crepe masking tape with rubber adhesive that can resist high temperatures. It is sulphur free and removes cleanly after use. This tape can withstand temperatures of up to 177°C for an hour max and resists staining and moisture. Can bond to copper, silver, brass and other precious metals 

Low-Tack Masking Tape

Specially designed for when you need a lot less tacky adhesive. This tape is latex backed and can be used for painting applications. Strips cleanly even after stoving. Can be used on anodised metals such as aluminium, titanium, treated wood, coatings or sensitive surface materials. 

Premium Grade Masking Tape 

A smooth crepe paper impregnated with solvent and moisture resistant saturant. This tape enables reliable masking with good holding power and cleanly removes from many surfaces. Use for coating/painting, splicing or even during heavy duty maintenance.

Fine Line Masking Tape 

A specialist polypropylene tape containing high heat resistance. This tape is the ideal choice to achieve precision straight or curved lines. It has excellent conformability and moisture as well as being solvent resistant. 

3M 80° Masking Tape

A quality performance masking tape suitable for many applications. Great for holding, tabbing, splicing, bundling and sealing. Provides good conformability and strong adhesion levels as well as being water and solvent resistance.

3M 100° Masking Tape 

A tough crepe paper masking tape with rubber based adhesive and latex saturation. This tape works well at room temperature or with oven curing applications. It resists edge curl and cleanly removes when required.

3M 160°C Masking Tape

A heavy duty crepe masking tape that is smooth to unwind and apply. This tape is ideal for universal paint masking applications particularly those used in the automotive or aerospace markets. Due to its formulated rubber adhesive, it bonds well to both water or acrylic paints and demonstrates great resistance to edge curl and lift. This tape removes cleanly after use leaving no residue and can withstand extended/repeated baking cycles too.

Why Tesa?

At Finecal we also supply range of Tesa Masking Tapes. Tesa has been in the tape-making business for over a century and its continued focus and investment in R&D has given rise to some of the most technologically advanced adhesive tape solutions. 

Their range of masking tapes offer different features and benefits, depending on the use: General Masking, Fine-Line Masking, Large-Area Masking and Sandblasting/Grip Plastering