FineCal fully certified to AS9120

One of the core values within the FineCal Group is to provide the best of service to customers. This is achieved by our major commitment towards self-improvement. From our very start in 1967 our objective has continued to be known as a business representing reliability, dependability and offering 1st Class service.


To ensure we kept on track, we embarked in the early 90's on achieving external recognition through MOD and then BS5750 quality assurance and to date, we retain this value. It's progressed through approved external audit processes to FineCal currently being the holder of ISO9001:2015 standards but we needed to ensure momentum. This is where we looked at a key area for us which is in Aerospace support.


Aerospace represents a major industry where the need for tapes, adhesives and industrial consumables continues to be in demand. So to protect, grow and take advantage of market opportunities, we needed to develop further, and that's where we elected to go down the route of AS9120.


AS9120 is quality assurance that covers our sort of business in wholesale and distribution. It stretches us to a whole new level and matches demands particularly from Aerospace & Defence customers to guarantee we get it exactly right. With aircraft needing to be in the air, and not grounded for unnecessary maintenance, Aerospace and support businesses have to be confident that suppliers understand their demands and disciplines whilst ensuring business ethics is maintained in full focus. Let matters slip, problems will abound and certainly escalate if they're not dealt with quickly enough.


So, FineCal maintains AS9120 and presents us with a way to provide one of continual improvement and stretches us further to keep 1st Class service at the forefront for you, customers and prospects alike.