FineCal Group Limited 

Quality Requirement Expectations 

For the attention on all suppliers, Supply Chains / Sub-Contractors 
ISO9001:2015 Certification:

This certification (renewal Certification Number 0116672 - August 2021) applies to the Distributors, Labels and Screen supply processes undertaken at the Head Office address at: Temple Trading Estate, Cole Road, Bristol, BS2 0UG, United Kingdom.

AS9120 B Certification:

This certification currently applies to the FineCal Distributors (Aerospace Department) processes undertaken at the Head Office address at: Temple Trading Estate, Cole Road, Bristol, BS2 0UG, United Kingdom.

Any purchase order with the prefix 'ASFIN' are places against the requirements of AS9120B, clause 8.4. You must comply with these requirements and the details as stated within the order. 

The following are general mandatory requirements. We expect our suppliers and supply chains, and any sub-contractors used, to meet our expectations within FineCal Group Ltd that reflects our customer wishes to receive products/services - in tip-top condition, and on time; every time! 

All suppliers are to comply fully with stated requirements of authorised Purchase orders and in particular, instructions which may be included on those with prefix 'ASFIN' purchase orders - the latter being mandatory within the Aerospace/Defence/Military related procurement  as per AS9120 standards that is attributable to FineCal Distributors Bristol site only. Also within 'AS' that it is a requirement that suppliers will have a Quality policy at the very minimum and ideally backed up with approval certificates issued by accredited certification bodies. In addition, it's also expected that suppliers will have an active anti-counterfeit procedures in place in order to guarantee that items supplied are genuine and thus 'fit for purpose'. 

FineCal Group request that suppliers operate and conduct their business activities in an appropriate manner ensuring that all their own stuff and external supply chain act in an ethical and morally acceptable manner that includes adherence to national and international laws (as per your relevancy of operation).
In particular:

  • If suppliers meet the minimum turnover prerequisite, then statements covering this subject are available to view via their websites as per the legislation covering The Modern Slavery Act (2015), which eludes to child/adult slavery and human trafficking. However those who are not obligated to the Act (currently with turnover <£36m), that they still operate their business to ensure they and their supply chains adhere to the moral principle to ensure those abhorrent practices in human suffering are eradicated and that they refrain from business dealings with such perpetrators. 
  • Suppliers that offer products (especially if imported) which include minerals, that they are aware of the Conflict Minerals Policy and take due care in the sourcing of 3TG to ensure items are obtained from mines that are fully legitimate and licensed where workers are treated with dignity and fairness. Our customers especially those that are US based/owned by and located in the UK dictate that due diligence is exercised at all times by suppliers.
  • Suppliers must be mindful of The Bribery Act 2010, which states it is illegal to offer, promise, give, request, agree, receive or accept bribes and requires your approach to reducing and controlling the risks of bribery plus rules about accepting gifts, hospitality or donations. Similarly, this includes employees and supply chains to conduct themselves without reproach in business relationships. 
  • FineCal Group LTD expects supplier and their supply chains to ensure that all staff conducts their duties in an ethical manner. There can be no tolerance of bullying, misinterpreting, falsifying or any other detrimental behaviour that exists in business activities. If such practices are discovered to be present, there will be immediate cancellation of orders and termination of business dealings. Any outstanding received supplier invoices or expenses will be rejected as forfeit. 
  • Health & Safety including Risk assessments and control on COSHH is to be properly managed and maintained within supplier's business premises to ensure the welfare of their employees.
  • Environmental related matters and procedures are to be assessed to minimise any risk and to ensure any products that are supplied meet REACH/RoHS requirements that were originally introduces throughout the EU and which continues post Brexit.
Right of Access:
Suppliers shall provide access to their premises for FineCal Group personnel or their authorised representative, customers (with justified reasons) and any other regulatory authorities for product, process issues or general inspections. 

If there should be Organisational Changes/Non-Conforming products changes that may affect quality and/or possibly cause customer concerns/complaints, these must be notified to FineCal Group Ltd (via [email protected]) immediately to limit the possibilities of subsequent non-conformance and possible rejection.

Quality Management System:
We expect that all suppliers to the FineCal Group, including their supply chains, operate a Quality Management System and ideally that it is certified to ISO9001:2015 (as a minimum) and accredited to UKAS or similar. If our business needs involved Aerospace/Defence/Military and the procurement of critical items, that they again have a Quality Management System, and ideally are in possession of AS9100/EU9100 approval series or equivalent - UKAS/ANIB or similar.

In the case that a supplier offers an item which is unique or wishes to become a supplier to FineCal, and that they have not to date been audited by a 3rd party, that they should have a documented Quality Manual including a Company Policy which their business operates under. This should be immediately available to FineCal for scrutiny and as evidence of controls within supplier systems.

Record Retention:
Suppliers, Sub Contractors/Chains should have a documented system to control all related records/documents including drawings (especially if customer owned). This should include obsolete copies and any subsequent archiving. All records relating to business connected to the FineCal group shall be stored and maintained in a legible form for a minimum of 10 years. In cases where customer requirements are for longer periods, these will be notified to suppliers in advance of purchase order placements.

Purchase orders:
It is expected that:

  • Any requirements that are included when placing orders must adhere to as part of a contract. Any deviation from orders must be notified to the FineCal Group Ltd so that a concession request can be considered prior to authorisation. Orders raised may involve necessary amendments and perhaps subsequent issue of further purchase documentation.
  • If work needs to involvement of sub-contractors, that suppliers shall not authorise this process unless authorisation in turn is sort from the FineCal Group. NB: End customer approval may have to be considered especially if there exists confidentiality clauses etc.
  • In the use of sub contractors/supply chains, that the initial supplier will evaluate the capabilities and regularly review their business activities to ensure approvals are maintained. 
  • When items arrive in our warehouse, we expect them to properly packed and genuine. Any suspicious labelling or signs of tampering will be treated as counterfeit and rejected.
  • Finally with the increasing requirements as set by the UK Government and in conjunction with the Environment agency, we expect all suppliers to have practices in place to have the availability of products weights themselves and any associated tertiary packaging weights involved that has been supplied to the FineCal Group. This is under the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007 and amendments* which is a requirement under law for UK businesses. This is where packaging handled in your operation is measured and subject to a 'tax' which funds recycling of waste to minimise impacts on the environment.
* not all companies are subject to the requirement but you are obliged to check especially if you h ave more than a turnover of £2 million/handle 50 tonnes of packaging annually.

Protection & Confidentiality
We expect all FineCal Group Ltd shared customer's proprietary information (as permitted by end use customers) will be treated with respect, and kept in strictest confidence. information must never be disclosed to any further third parties unless specific authorisation has been sought an agreed to especially if specialist work is required. Any proprietary information may include and be in the form of electronic data. We expect there will be means to ensure you have controlled data management and ideally that it has been 3rd party audited to ensure your systems are robust and safe from various forms of attack. 

If you required further assistance or clarification on the above, please contact [email protected]