Self-Adhesive Printed Labels:

Not only are we a distributor of tapes, adhesives, packaging, abrasives, and inks; FineCal are also a manufacturer of labels. We can produce both long and short runs of labels which means you can take advantage of shorter runs for limited edition labels (ie. Christmas, Easter or even Summer inspired labels) or longer runs. Not only can we digitally print labels we can also offer metallic or glossy surfaces to make your products stand out and make a real impact.  

Digital labels are incredibly useful for boosting brand identity, personalising products, and preventing counterfeiting. 

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 Industries we produce self-adhesive labels for include:


  • Food and Drink:
  • Whether you have a design for a new variety of bottled water or would prefer FineCal to design and print a Christmas or festive label, we can do it all. From designing labels to printing labels we have the in-house ability to help you through the entire process.

  • Gardening:
  • Give your gardening products a label that will stand out on the shelves. A clear and effective label is important to get any hazardous information across but to also sell itself in a shop. Our cutting edge printing presses can produce high-quality labels to exceed your expectations.

  • Chemical:
  • Highlighting potentially harmful chemicals whilst producing eye-catching and highly functioning labels that meet all requirements. Labels for chemical-related products must conform to the British BS 5609 Standard that sets out criteria including adhesive performance, print permanence, and abrasion resistance with a minimum standard for labels to be used in marine environments.

  • Electronic and Electrical:
  • If you require electronic or electrical labels that effectively display the required information whilst being subtle or going almost unnoticed. FineCal can create innovative labeling for your electronic products or lighting labels.

  • Aerospace and Automotive:
  • FineCal works with OEM, repair, and maintenance sectors. We have provided labeling for a variety of vehicle and traffic companies, producing and printing labels for promotions and information purposes.

  • Cosmetic:
  • From small labels on lipsticks to larger self-adhesive labels on larger products, we can use waterproof paper for maximum effect or non-waterproof to become more cost-effective. Either way, we can produce your cosmetic labels. 

  • Retail:
  • Producing innovative retail labels can show the quality of the brand which encourages confidence and brand loyalty through to purchase. We use the latest printing technology which can quickly produce brilliant and vivid labelling.

  • Packaging:
  • Not only are we a lead supplier of packaging we also create short and long runs of self-adhesive labels for packaging. FineCal can also add a range of special features to your packaging labels to make it unique and stand out above the rest. 

  • Barcode:
  • Barcodes can sometimes be forgotten but they are convenient when paying at tills. Our high-quality self-adhesive labels are created using the highest technology which offers maximum flexibility for a variety of print runs no matter how many labels are required.

  • Plain:
  • Plain labels can be used for a variety of applications that are most commonly used to display information, for promotions or creative purposes. We can provide plain labels suitable for different occasions and conditions based on your requirements. 

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