Our eco-friendly range is made up of a variety of biodegradable packaging products, bubble wrap and loose-fill that are 100% compostable to reduce your business's carbon footprint.

Biodegradable Bubble Wrap

Environmentally friendly protective cushion packaging that will degrade over time. This bubble wrap is made with technology that adds a layer of barrier film which helps seal the air pockets resulting in less air escape an long lasting protection and performance. It comes in large or small bubble and can be suitable for heavy and light items on both longer and shorter journeys. 

Biodegradable Packing List Envelopes

Biodegradable envelopes in a variety of sizes and quantities in both plain and printed 'documents enclosed'. 

Ecoflo Loose Fill

Biodegradable loose fill packaging, proven to provide better protection than polystyrene loose fill and available in 15 cubic feet bags with a cylindrical design to move around products perfectly. These chips can act as a filling to prevent products slipping and moving when being transported and also as a shock absorber. 

Jiffy Superlite Mailing Bags

Foam lined mailing bags, with larger quantities per order thus minimizing unnecessary packaging. These brand new mailers are light weight but extremely strong and have a fully laminated construction with a non-abrasive foam liner. These area available in a range of sizes  and suit a number of applications.

Masking Tape

General purpose, eco-friendly hand tear masking tape. Conformable product that bonds to rough surfaces and can be removed without adhesive residue. 

6143 12mm x 50m General Purpose Masking Tape | 72 Rolls


£27.08 Ex Tax: £22.57

General purpose, eco-friendly hand-tear masking tape designed for normal painting applications. Conformable product and bonds to rough surfaces. Removes without adhesive residue (u..

Ecopack 15 Buff 50mm x 50m Self Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape


£53.57 Ex Tax: £44.64

Single sided eco-friendly paper tape with a saturated backing. The single sided kraft paper tape gives immediate evidence of tamper as the tape will tear when removed. Features:..

Loosefill Packaging 15-Cuft Ecoflo Biodegradable


£15.74 Ex Tax: £13.12

The environment-friendly filler that’s bio-degradable & compostible. It's made from renewable starch but clean & odour free. Eco Flo moulds itself around the contents being..

Biodegradable Bubble Wrap 500mm x 100m (5 per bundle)


£35.65 Ex Tax: £29.71

Environmentally friendly protective packaging that offers high-quality cushioning to prevent damage during transportation and storage. Bubble wrap is fully-degradable upon sending ..

Jiffy Superlite Bags with Foam 170mm x 245mm (200 per box)


£20.75 Ex Tax: £17.29

Eco-friendly foam padded bags provide outstanding protection and cushioning to a wide range of products during transit. Provides high resistance against bursting and punctures.Made..