Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions:

FineCal are pleased to be supplying a vast range of green, environmentally friendly packaging products. 


Paper packaging tapes, a recyclable, environmentally friendly general purpose paper tape with a long last adhesive. We also offer a water activated tape (gum tape), a 100% recyclable tape providing a stronger bond on cardboard and cutting costs due to less tape being required for each package. Cardboard shredders turn your surplus cardboard into void fill, this is a great tool to help save costs on packaging in the long term and is also available at FineCal.


This range includes biodegradable bubble wrap, environmentally friendly protective cushion packaging that will degrade over time, biodegradable packing list envelopes in a variety of sizes in both plain and printed 'documents enclosed', biodegradable Eco Flo loosefill packaging and Jiffy Superlite mailing bags. These foam lined mailing bags, larger quantities per ox thus minimizing unnecessary packaging.

Reducing Packaging Waste

As well as reducing the cost associated with packaging design, using sustainable packaging alternatives will help the environment and promote an eco-conscious image to your business customers. Some of what we offer at FineCal includes longer length packaging tapes, a longer length tape reducing roll changing, improving productivity, creating less waste and less storage. Coreless hand stretchfilm, rolls are made up entirely of film, so once the film has been used there is zero packaging waste. We also offer a brand new, innovative mailing bag from Jiffy, Earth Aware mailing bags that come bubble lined mailing bags wrapped in bundles, removing the need for corrugated outer packaging. 

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