SAF30 5 490ml Bostik Strong and Flexible Structural Adhesive | 12 Tubes

  • Brand: Bostik
  • Product Code: SAF305490
  • Availability: 10 - 14 Days
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  • Individual Price: £ 32.1
  • Pack Size: 12 Cartridges

Bostik's SAF30 5 structural adhesive is a two-component methyl methacrylate. Able to bond a wide range of dissimilar substrates, including composites, metals and plastics. The SAF product line features high elongation from 30-250%, smart viscosity formulation, minimal surface preparation and a wide range of open and curing times.

Suitable for a range of substrates: metals (steel, stainless steel, aluminium), composites (polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy, acrylic) and plastics (PVC, PS, ABS, PC, PMMA).

Key features include:

  • short open and fixture times
  • non-sag application on vertical surfaces
  • excellent environmental resistant

SAF30 5 is a structural, high modulus, ultra-fast curing.

Colour: off white. Viscosity: 10:1. Open time 3-5 mins. Fixture time: 8 mins. 

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