Spray 80 500ml 3M Aerosol Spray Adhesive

  • Brand: 3M
  • Product Code: 10016976
  • Availability: 5 - 7 Days
  • Pack Price (Inc VAT) £221.32

  • Individual Price: £ 15.37
  • Pack Size: 12 Cans
  • Ex Tax: £184.43

Neoprene contact adhesive suitable for many types of rubber, vinyl and leather materials. With high temperature & platiciser migration resistance, it's fast bonding and able to be applied to parts separately up to 15 minutes before assembly.

ONLY AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE IN SOUTH WEST ENGLAND & SOUTH WALES. For the time being we are unable to send aerosol adhesives on a courier, therefore we can only supply aerosol adhesives to areas we supply on our delivery vans (South West England & South Wales). Please get in touch to check whether we deliver to your area. Sorry for any inconveniences. 

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Packaging (ER) Compliant N/A
REACh Compliant
RoHS Compliant

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Substrate 1 Substrate 2 Int/Ext
Fabric Fabric Interior
Fabric Glass 1 Interior
Fabric Leather Interior
Fabric Metal (Bare) Interior
Fabric Rubber Interior
Fabric Vinyl Interior
Fabric Wood Interior
Glass 1 Glass 1 Interior
Glass 1 Metal (Bare) Interior
Metal (Bare) Metal (Bare) Interior
Paper Leather Interior
Paper Vinyl Interior
Rubber Glass 1 Interior
Rubber Metal (Bare) Interior
Rubber Rubber Interior
Rubber Wood Interior
Vinyl Glass 1 Interior
Vinyl Leather Interior
Vinyl Metal (Bare) Interior
Vinyl Rubber Interior
Vinyl Vinyl Interior
Vinyl Wood Interior
Wood Glass 1 Interior
Wood Metal (Bare) Interior
Wood Wood Interior

1 - For external glass use 3M Silane Primer. For smooth surfaces use 3M Primer 94.