Packaging Machinery:

If you're specifically looking for machinery to assist you in your packing facilities and prepared to take advantage of the opportunity in saving you real costs and helping your bottom line, then you've arrived at the right page.

We bring together our selection of machinery & equipment to aid your packing requirements and to speed up your process especially if you have assemblies of multiple cartons or pallets to tape, wrap, stick or strap.

FineCal will be pleased to receive your enquiry or on-line order and especially with the latter; that's it a trouble free process and that you receive quick and safe delivery. To this end we will contact you upon your order receipt to satisfy ourselves that you have selected the correct machinery kit; after all, we would not want you to have ordered an item that is suitable for 13 amp 240V supply and you actually only have 110V available. Trust us, its happened before and therefore we'll check beforehand and ascertain your situation, ease of your access and whether you need assistance with equipment installation (extra charges may apply).

BXT 3-13 Battery Powered Hand Strapping Tool



The BXT3-13 battery powered strapping tool is specifically designed for light duty strapping applications. These include 9/10mm or 12/13mm Signode Tenax ® polyester and Signode Dyl..