Pre-Stretched Film Rolls:

Are use reduced amounts of film material. This is a bonus in efficiency making it less wasteful and easier to apply. The rolls themselves are of longer lengths meaning a reduction in operator downtime.

Pre-stretch products have developed over time overcoming the restrictions that use to exist with certain breeds of film materials. The latest technology that is afforded today enables absolute control in film blending and helps to govern the tension and stretching in manufacture. Therefore this makes the whole wrapping process ideal in final application and manual handling.

  • By hand: you achieve the tautness required to suit the products being wrapped including lightweight boxes.
  • By machine: the neatness of the two drive rollers working in concert, where each rotates at different speeds, enables the stretch to occur before the film wraps round onto the stack. Of course, the maximum film yield is implemented through the expertise of the operator and his control in fixing the machine gearing at the optimum level.

Overall, trials we have conducted and the amount of products sold neatly aligns themselves to various markets and pallet types, whether containing light or heavy-weight cartons, or even exposed products themselves of odd shaped nature.

Pre Stretch Film

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Hand Stretchfilm Clear Coreless 390mm x 600m -7mu Bulk Pack



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