Electronics Product Range:

Finding solutions for the electronics market. With over 50 years experience of supplying the industry, we stock products that can help with battery materials, chemicals, display materials, flex circuits, novec fluids, thermal management material, touch screen displays and more. If you can't find the product below then get in touch to see if we can offer a solution to your application.



£133.99 Ex Tax: £111.66

Static Shielding Bubble Bag . Manufactured from three layer metalised cushion material which is heat sealable. Gives full ESD protection for delicate assemblies. All pouches have a..

10" X 12" PINK OPEN TOP ANTI-STATIC BAGS (100 per box)


£6.08 Ex Tax: £5.07

Pink anti-static bags are ideal for use in transporting non-static sensitive devices, (e.g. nuts, bolts etc.) into an Electro-static Protected Area. (E.P.A.) Available in open top ..

1099 1 Litre 3M Scotch Weld Vinyl Contact Adhesive


£162.94 Ex Tax: £135.78

Nitrile based vinyl product when air dried gives high strength results. Resists weathering, water, oil and fuel. Good for vinyls and sheeting. Bonds < 40 min...

431 25mm x 55m 3M Aluminium Foil Tape | 6 Rolls


£134.36 Ex Tax: £111.97

3M 431 aluminium foil tape is lightweight and generally used for aerospace, appliance and automotive sealing, splicing, holding or masking applications. 431 foil tape has acrylic..

468 305mm x 165m 3M HP Adhesive Transfer Tape | 1 Roll


£556.62 Ex Tax: £463.85

A thicker clear superior acrylic tape with similar properties to 3M 467 but better for rougher surfaces. Very solvent and fuel grade resistant. Suitable where high temperatures are..

4930 White 12mm x 33m 3M VHB HP Bonding Tape | 6 Rolls


£349.03 Ex Tax: £290.86

A VHB acrylic tape for general purpose use especially where high energy surfaces are involved. Designed for metal and other materials destined for applications indoors or outside. ..

5952-F Black 19mm x 33m 3M VHB HP Bonding Tape | 1 Roll

5952-F Black 19mm x 33m 3M VHB HP Bonding Tape | 1 Roll


£86.16 £99.40 Ex Tax: £71.80

A firm acrylic VHB tape excellent for various materials including those with powder-coated paint surfaces. Due to the nature of the product, abrasion preparation may not be necessa..

AS-BP-1 100mm x 135mm Anti-Static Small Bubble Pouch (750 per box)


£33.76 Ex Tax: £28.13

Anti-Static ’amine free’ bubble made from top grade polythene. Specially coated to prevent static discharge to packaged contents especially sensitive electronic items. The coating ..

Clear 25mm x 30m Anti Static Packaging Tape


£60.68 Ex Tax: £50.57

Clear non static generating adhesive packaging tape.Roll is 25mm wide and 30 metres long. ..

DP100 Clear 48.5ml 3M EPX Scotch Weld Adhesive | 12 Cartridges


£249.67 Ex Tax: £208.06

Epoxy based rigid adhesive 2-part system. Designed for harder surfaces such as ceramics, glass, metals and for potting electronic components. High in shear strength on static loads..

DP100 Plus 3M Scotch-Weld Epoxy Adhesive 48.5ml | 12 Cartridges


£245.66 Ex Tax: £204.72

For high shear strength for static loads use 3M Scotch-Weld Epoxy Adhesive DP100 Plus. Our clear, durable epoxy adhesive bonds metals ceramics, glass and other dissimilar surfaces...

DSI 1000 400ml Aerosol Mykal High Perf Cleaner & Degreaser


£85.74 Ex Tax: £71.45

De.solv-it is a powerful solvent and biodegradable cleaner designed to remove greases, waxes and oils. Even adhesives will soften to allow the removal process in a wide range of in..