3M Dual Lock Squares Range

  • mushroom shaped stems interlock with one another when pressed together
  • gives over 1,000 closures
  • comes in packs of pairs in which they mate to themselves
  • have either general purpose rubber adhesive or 3M acrylic adhesive backing
  • disengagement strength varies on stems per square inch

SJ-354X Black 25mm x 3.75m 3M Dual Lock Fastener (Twinpack)


£347.45 Ex Tax: £289.54

Type 250 Stem density. Dual Lock polypropylene fasteners is product SJ-3540 but manufactured in easy to use pad form. Coated with rubber adhesive. Suitable for wood, metal, gl..

SJ-355X Black 25mm x 25mm Squares 3M Dual Lock Fastener (250 per box)


£1,134.10 Ex Tax: £945.08

Type 400 & 170 Stem densities. Mixed pack of SJ3551 + SJ3552 squares presented in a handy dispenser pack. Multi purpose polypropylene with VHB™ (Very High Bond) acrylic adhesiv..