3M Scotch-Weld Contact Adhesives Range

  • bonds to many plastics, metals, fabrics and other materials
  • high tack aggressive wet bond to many surfaces
  • repositioning of surfaces possible until solvent evaporates
  • longer open times means more flexible manufacturing processes
  • markets include: shopfitters, automotive & transport interiors, insulation manufacturing and more

1099 1 Litre 3M Scotch Weld Vinyl Contact Adhesive


£162.94 Ex Tax: £135.78

Nitrile based vinyl product when air dried gives high strength results. Resists weathering, water, oil and fuel. Good for vinyls and sheeting. Bonds < 40 min...

Scotch-Weld 10 1 Litre 3M Scotch Weld Contact Adhesive


£24.66 Ex Tax: £20.55

Liquid adhesive which air dries bonding quickly and permanently once pressure contact applied. No need for clamping. Colour: Yellow; Temp Range: -30°C - +100°; Bonds: approx 30 min..

Scotch-Weld 30 Blue 1 Litre 3M Scotch Weld Contact Adhesive Fastbond


£131.38 Ex Tax: £109.48

3M Scotch-Weld water based adhesive which is non-flammable and has high strength. Apply to wood, plastic, foam and canvas materials. Can be sprayed brushed or rolled. Coloured Blue..

Scotch-Weld 49 Neutral 2 Litre 3M Contact Adhesive Fastbond


£115.03 Ex Tax: £95.86

A water-based Scotch-Weld™ with fast tacking features from 3M. The pressure sensitive adhesive sticks lightweight materials easily. Use on fiberglass insulation, felt, pa..