3M Primers Range

  • metal primer can protect glass and metal from corrosion
  • primers can help in applications where increased metal and glass adhesion is desired
  • primer 94 can be used with VHB tapes for great adhesion
  • adhesion promoters improve adhesion for substrates including powder coated metal and low surface energy plastics
  • fritted glass primer to prime glass for bonding and to block UV rays from the glass

94 1/4 Litre 3M Tape Primer


£13.92 Ex Tax: £11.60

3M™ Primer 94 helps surface preparation for 3M™ VHB™ range of tapes. In addition the promotion of adhesion helps when intending to use on more difficult materials stemming from pol..

P591 Black 250ml 3M Plastic Glass Primer


£255.66 Ex Tax: £213.05

An adhesion promoter for 3M Polyurethane Glass Adhesive 591 sealants. It primes the surface to promote good adhesion on acrylic (PMMA), polyester & polycarbonate. Colour: Black..

VHB Silane Glass Treatment1 Litre - AP115


£280.14 Ex Tax: £233.45

Recommended for untreated glass. 3M silane glass (AP115) treatment creates a "hydrophobic" area on the surface dispelling moisture / water. This ensures improved conditions to..

VHB Surface Cleaner 1 Litre


£10.42 Ex Tax: £8.68

A multi-surface cleaner primarily for use prior to using the 3M™ VHB™ range of tapes. Due to its make-up, it's particularly good on many surface types such as metals, plastics, pai..

VHB Surface Cleaner Sachets (100 per box)


£25.90 Ex Tax: £21.58

Industrial Surface Cleaner* sachets are impregnated with premixed isopropanol & water. A convenient product to have by the workbench ready for cleaning / degreasing materials p..

3901 0.24 Litre (1/2 Pint) 3M One Part Structural Adhesive Primer | 12 Cans


£461.46 Ex Tax: £384.55

A 1-part primer for Scotch-Weld film or liquid adhesives. Designed to improve adhesion to metal and glass materials when using epoxy or urethane based adhesives is needed. Curing: ..