3748-Q 5kg Quadrack 3M Jet Melt Hot Melt Adhesive

  • Brand: 3M
  • Product Code: 10015814
  • Availability: 5 - 7 Days
  • Pack Price (Inc VAT) £309.72

  • Individual Price: £ 258.1
  • Pack Size: 5kg Box
  • Ex Tax: £258.10

With good thermal shock resistance, this Quadrack™ hot melt adheres especially well to polyolefins. Has good heat resistance and electrical properties. Non-corrosive to copper. Colour: Off-White

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Packaging (ER) Compliant N/A
REACh Compliant
RoHS Compliant

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Substrate 1 Substrate 2 Int/Ext
Ceramic Nylon Interior
Ceramic Plastic LSE Interior
Ceramic Plastics Interior
Ceramic Polycarbonate Interior
Glass 1 Nylon Interior
Glass 1 Plastic LSE Interior
Glass 1 Plastics Interior
Glass 1 Polycarbonate Interior
Metal (Bare) Plastic LSE Interior
Metal (Bare) Plastics Interior
Metal (Painted) Plastic LSE Interior
Metal (Painted) Plastics Interior
Metals Plastic LSE Interior
Metals Plastics Interior
Nylon Plastic LSE Interior
Nylon Plastics Interior
Plastic LSE Plastic LSE Interior
Plastic LSE Plastics Interior
Plastics Plastics Interior
Polycarbonate Plastic LSE Interior
Polycarbonate Plastics Interior

1 - For external glass use 3M Silane Primer. For smooth surfaces use 3M Primer 94.